Top 5 online converters

Very often there are situations when you want to play a video on the device, but for some reason it does not open or does not work correctly. What should be done in this case? The best video Converter will adjust the format to the device and make playback comfortable. What is necessary to convert video The most necessary modern device, without which no one can do – a mobile phone. Some don’t let it out of hand, continually starting games, programs, clips, music, etc. Such users are sure to face the problem of playing video and audio files.

Errors with formats on your computer will not arise, as it already has special programs, but to run such files on mobile devices, you need to change the video format. In addition, users of mobile gadgets are often faced with the problem of inappropriate resolution. Conversion will also help to cope with this. Reduce the size of the file to be recorded on the media, improve the image and sound quality, change the resolution and much more – all these functions are performed by a good quality video Converter.

In which formats are most often converted there Are the most popular formats for conversion, which are perfectly played on almost all mobile devices. In addition, they are more often than others can be found on the Internet. It is recommended to choose these formats so that you do not have to convert again later. AVI. Almost all of the working video is available in this format. MPG. To burn a movie to DVD, you need to convert it to this format. It will reduce file size without compromising quality.

WMV is a Format that gives a very good image and perfectly compresses the file. However, at startup, it can greatly affect the operation of the entire system, overloading it. MP4 is an ideal format that allows you to compress DVD files as much as possible, but it is quite demanding to resources. The best video Converter will help you to choose a more suitable format for the file and convert it. It remains only to decide which program to convert to give preference, as in the Global network you can find a huge number of both paid and free versions. 5 placeXilisoft Video Converter Xilisoft Video Converter-Converter that supports a lot of different formats. Its advantage is that the program has Russian language.

To get started, just select the file and add it. The format can be chosen to your liking – the choice is huge, for all occasions. In addition to the fact that the number of formats is simply amazing, before converting, users have the opportunity to adjust the quality of video and audio, which will eventually turn out. In the lower line of the program there is a line where you can specify the path to save the finished file. Once all the settings are made, you can safely click on the “Convert”button. The video is ready.

placeAvsave Video Converter Avsave Video Converter is quite interesting Converter, which in a few simple steps will help to configure the video. The speed of this program is very good. It takes about twelve minutes to change the format of an hour-long movie. Compared to other programs, this is a great result. There are few problems here, thanks to the intuitive interface, even a novice user can cope.  First, add the file to the Converter. Now you can choose the profile and format of the final video. The conversion speed will depend on the power of the computer and the settings.

After the end of the process it is possible to open the finished video by clicking on the green circle. 3rd place: Any Video Converter This program is divided into paid and free version. Which version to choose directly depends on the required format. The main advantage of Any Video Converter is a nice design and three simple steps to convert. Also, the program has the ability to view the video before changing. If there is a question about which video Converter is better, a good option is Any Video Converter. Functions in it very much, so working with video is quite convenient.

As for the conversion of the format, there will be no problems with it. To get started, you need to add a file. Now, open the menu of “Profile”, choose the device that will play video. It can be IPhone, computer, Android etc. Naturally, the device will depend on the format for conversion. In addition, this program allows you to select codecs for audio and video, and even bitrate. To ensure that the image quality is good, and the picture is not blurred, it is recommended to set the video bitrate not lower than 1000, and audio not lower than 200.

Now you need to click on The “start coding”button. It remains to wait until the end of the process, after which you can enjoy the finished file. I would also like to say about the speed. If you set a large resolution for conversion, the process may take more than an hour. Therefore, you can’t count on a quick job. However, before starting the program will not show how much will have to wait for the finished video. So we can only guess how long it will take to convert the file. And this is a huge minus. The Main difference between the two types of Any Video Converter is the number of possible formats and functions.

If you purchase a paid version of this Converter, you will be able to create formats specifically for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod. Although in the practical part, these formats will replace MP4-video, which is already in the free version. So why pay more for unnecessary functions, if you can limit yourself to it. 2nd place: Movavi Converter program Movavi is a universal program that will not only allow you to change the format of the video, but also to separate the audio file from the movie, which is quite a popular feature.

In principle, this Converter can perform all the same functions as the above programs. Difference, for which he received the honorary second place – the ability to extract a song or any other sound from a movie, clip etc. Supports all video file formats like MP4, AVI, FLV and other.  On the Internet, the program is free software, you can find it very easily, and the download does not take much time due to the small size of the Converter. 1 place: Format Factory is the best audio video Converter and Now it’s time to announce the winner in the Top 5 best video conversion software.

If there is a question about which is the best video Converter, Format Factory is what is so necessary. The program itself meets all the requirements that exist for converters, and is a universal application. Its design is not striking, but it has a nice color scheme that can be changed in the settings. With Format Factory you can change the format of not only audio and video files, but also images. In addition, this Converter, one of the few, has 62 languages.

Format Factory includes not only Converter functions, but also allows you to separate the sound from the video at a certain moment of the movie. It will replace several programs at once, although it weighs quite a bit. The program supports all popular file formats: MP4, MP3, JPG and many others. There is also a useful function – write the whole disk into a single file.

Now you do not have to mess with the processing of files for a long time. And all this is completely free. To download the program, you do not have to pay. Format Factory is undoubtedly the best video Converter, there is no doubt about it. 


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